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Here at Long Island Classic Restorations, we’ve been doing this car-fixin’ thing for a long time. As it turns out, we actually do know what we’re doing. And knowing what you’re doing includes knowing who carries the good stuff… and who doesn’t. Listed below are some of the companies that we are distributors and licensed installers of. Our cooling system expertise is known throughout Long Island. It’s not just our skilled craftsmanship that gives us this reputation, but also our ability to carry the best parts at prices that are more-than-fair!

CROPPED logo John McCabe.png

In our radiator repair business, which we’ve operated for four decades under the same owner, we use high performance radiators manufactured by Griffin Radiator and US Radiator. We also use fans by Flex-A-Lite and SPAL. We buy other cooling system products from Northern Factory, which also supplies us with many of the small air conditioning items that we use to build custom hoses for the Vintage Air systems that we sell and install. When the job is done, we fill your cooling system with Evans Waterless Coolant.

Many of our restoration projects are more than simply air conditioning installations or cooling system upgrades and those customers are often looking for more power, dependability or a sexier looking cruiser, and we’re there for them, too!

March Performance fills a big need in our business. They manufacture the most durable, best looking and longest lasting pulleys and brackets in the industry. We also install steering columns from Flaming River. We carry the sexiest gauge sets in the industry from Dakota Digital and wire it all up with the best wire sets in the industry from American Autowire, we fill many of the check marks for your restoration projects!

After we get done with your custom restoration project, you’re going to need to make sure that your roaring beast can safely come to a stop and for that, we carry the very best in disc brake conversion kits, Master Power Brakes. They make the finest power boosters, discs, calipers and steel lines at their factory.

Scott Douglas AMS Oil Truck FINAL.png

We almost exclusively use products that are manufactured right here in the USA because American made products are the best in the world. Sometimes they cost a little more, but they last longer, are more accurate and can handle more power than Asian products. We are proud Americans and proud of our work; we will not compromise quality for a cheap price!

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