The LICCC is a group of car clubs in and around Long Island dedicated to preserving the history of member automobiles and, of course, cruising.

Because the many clubs' events are social gatherings, where members gather to see old friends and make new ones, all events for the month of April 2020 have been cancelled. We are all suffering from this viral outbreak and have no control over it, except to do what we can to prevent the spread of the disease to ourselves, our families, our friends and acquaintances.

The 2022 calendar of events will be posted early next spring. Please sign up for our list to be notified. You may call us at 516.293.9026 to do so. Alternatively, you may join our website by clicking the link in the upper right corner of this page and you will be on our list to be notified.



Let's hope that we can continue to build back to where we were pre-pandemic. Also, remember to always check with the organizer to confirm that the event is as scheduled. Most organizers have their phone numbers on the calendar.

You are responsible for your own actions; please be safe.