There is nothing in this world that makes more sense than Bill Carberry owning a business that specializes in the restoration of vintage automobiles. Not only are these antiques Bill's greatest passion, but he is, fortunately, very skilled at diagnosing and repairing classic cars!

When he graduated from high school in 1979, he was already in love with the cruisers of the 1950s. His first car is a 1954 Chevy and his second is a 1959 Ford Galaxie. If there is just one thing that we can tell you about his love for vintage automobiles, it's this: He still owns and drives both of these cars!

If you'd like to hear more, then we recommend you hear it from Bill Carberry himself. In this video, Bill describes how much he loves his cars and how much he loves working on them and bringing old projects back to life!

Whether you need a radiator repaired, Vintage Air Conditioning unit installed, rusted floorboards replaced or even a major overhaul, shouldn't you bring it to the team that'll treat your car with the love and respect that it deserves? Cap-A Radiator's team of mechanics are highly trained, skilled and classic car aficionados, just like the boss!

These are some of the services we can perform to keep your hoopty hopping:



Oil changes

NY state inspections

Fuel delivery systems

Valves, cams & lifters

Seat belt installations

Timing belts and chains

Starting & charging systems

Intake manifolds & cylinder heads

Six to twelve volt system conversions

Engine overhauls, rebuilds & replacements

Steering and Suspension upgrades & repairs

Brake upgrades & disc brake conversions
Generator to alternator conversions
Air conditioning, heating and cooling

A/C installations, instrumentation
Transmission/shifter/clutch work
Chassis and underbody welding

Electric wiper conversions

Complete wiring harnesses

Cooling system upgrades
Steering upgrades

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Call Bill at 516-293-9026 to learn more, or stop by at 994 Fulton Street (Route 109) in Farmingdale to learn how we can help you with your project! We can swap out your engine with a more powerful crate engine, all kinds of fun things to go faster! On most cars, we even do disc brake conversions so that you can actually stop that speed demon!

Please click here to see some of our past and current jobs, or check out our Instragram channel to see even more of our work. We also work on daily drivers, so no matter what you drive, you should give us a call or stop in. We're friendly and won't bite!

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