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Welcome to the All-New Cap-A Radiator Website

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

If you've ever been to in the past, you've probably noticed a change. While we love to work on antiques, we also appreciate that change is a very good thing. Well, most of thtime it is. Our old website was quite tired and out-of-date, so here is the new one.

Let's go over some of the more significant changes:

First, we've moved our international businesses, Classic Heaters and Classic Radiator to their own site. Cap-A Radiator and its subsidiaries are just getting too big for one website. This site is going to be dedicated to our Long Island customers who bring us their cars and sometimes just the parts for us to work on. That means you are still in the right place for:

Cap-A Radiator radiator repair shop

Cap-A Radiator air conditioning repair shop

Long Island's Vintage Air dealer and our installation of complete aftermarket A/C systems

Long Island Classic Restorations, where we repair and restore vintage vehicles

Our newest business, general auto repair and New York state safety inspections on all cars

Star Transmission, who shares our building with us

Long Island Car Club Council

Please follow any of those links to navigate. You'll find this site to be much more user-friendly and part of that was to make navigation easier.

If you're looking for Classic Radiator, Classic Heaters, gas tank repair (vintage and late model), or vintage cooling system parts, just click on this link to go to the home page of our classic radiator website.

If you need assistance that you can't find here, our phone and fax numbers, as well as our email and mailing addresses are located at the bottom of each page. We look forward to serving you!

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