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For four decades, we’ve specialized in the repair of factory air conditioning systems. We also do vintage car restorations. So what better than to put these two specialties together and install aftermarket air conditioning on vintage cars?


Remember, installing air conditioning does put extra strain on your cooling system. We will make sure that your radiator is sufficient to run an air conditioner. We will also check to make sure that you have the proper fan(s) and shroud on your car and we can install electric fans, too, if that’s called-for in your install!




As a direct distributor of Vintage Air, we can also give you a good deal on a new unit, if you’re the DIY type. Of course, "good deal" is a relative term. Installing air conditioning on a vehicle is never an inexpensive proposition, But if you want to enjoy your car on summer cruises and with Global Warming is making it hotter every year, it's often a worthwhile investment!


Please call 516.293.9026 to check availability. We can create systems for many vehicles that don't have a pre-packaged unit available!

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